Reports from system audits and gas quality studies

Gas Quality

Reports showing Dew Point, oil content, and particle content of compressed air and nitrogen
This report is from a nitrogen system at a large steel mill in North Mexico. The purpose of the report was to find the dew point, pressure and temperature of the nitrogen in the system.

See the nitrogen quality report here
This report is a compressed air quality study that was performed at an electronics manufacturer in Northern Mexico. The purpose was to determine the dew point, oil content, and particle content of the compressed air.

See the compressed air quality report here

Compressed air system audits

See the reports detailing compressed air system energy efficiency and cost reduction

These reports show how much compressed air flow is used by different production cells.

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Are you adding more production equipment to your facility and need to know if your infrastructure is able to handle the extra load? These reports are detail how much compressed air each production line uses.

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